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Effective Watering Techniques for the Midwest's Drought

Drought Conditions in the Midwest

The Importance of Proper Watering During Droughts in the Midwest

At Passiglia Nursery, we recognize the challenges drought poses to the Midwest's landscapes. Particularly in Missouri, where we usually witness 40 to 50 inches of rain annually, drought periods can be concerning. With the approach of fall, evident by dwindling daylight hours and cooler temperatures, trees and shrubs are gearing up for dormancy. A lack of adequate moisture during drought can dull the brilliance of fall colors and expedite foliage shedding.

The drought challenge intensifies for plant newcomers to your landscape, especially trees and plants younger than two years. Conventional irrigation systems might fall short in providing the deep saturation these fresh plantings demand during drought conditions.

How Often and How Much to Water?

Existing Plants:

On average, Midwest plants require 1 to 1½ inches of rain every 7 to 10 days to maintain vigorous growth. Monitoring rainfall becomes pivotal during drought spells.

Slow Soaking:

To curtail water runoff and ensure profound absorption during drought, adopt a slow-soaking method. This guarantees water reaches the critical root zones of trees and shrubs. Commit to this every 5 to 7 days, pausing only when you've received at least an inch of rain.

Drought Watering Amount Guidelines | St. Louis MO Garden Center

Drought Watering Amount Guidelines:


For every 1” of trunk diameter, trees necessitate about 5 gallons of water during drought conditions.

  • Week 1: Water every other day

  • Week 2: Water every 4th day


For each foot of a shrub's dimensions, allocate roughly 3 gallons of water during drought spells.

  • Week 1: Water every other day

  • Week 2: Water every 4th day

Post the second week, adjust your watering regimen based on soil drainage and any rainfall.

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Tailoring Drought Watering to Your Landscape

Each landscape is unique. Consequently, the exact amount of water needed during a drought may vary. Soil conditions and drainage can differ, sometimes dramatically, even within a solitary landscape. It's crucial to observe your plants closely and tweak your drought-watering strategy as necessary.

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